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Briefly in English

We are one of the leading independent accounting companies in Finland offer a wide variety of services. Our main objective is to understand how your business operates and come up with effective accounting solutions.


Accounting is a key function of all businesses. Correct and up-to-date accounting enables companies to monitor their finances and make better business decisions. We provide comprehensive services related to accounting and financial statements to companies of all sizes, from sole traders to large corporations.

Setting up new company in Finland

We can help you to start your business in Finland. We have expertise in tax law and company law and we can help you to start doing business in Finland in sensible and tax effective way.

Sales and purchase invoicing

You can acquire efficient and affordable sales invoicing software from us, or outsource your entire sales invoicing to us. We will handle invoicing, the monitoring of accounts receivable and debt collection on your behalf. This will enable you to focus on your core business. Electronic purchase invoices save time and money and make your daily operations more cost-efficient. For further information, please contact our experts.

Payroll calculation

We will calculate your payroll correctly and on time. Thanks to our extensive experience of collective agreements and salaries in different sectors, we will always calculate your employees’ salaries correctly.


Our auditing services are provided by our experienced auditors, Janne Virtanen (KHT, JHT) and Tuula Salminen (HT). Our auditing services are subject to hourly rates. ”Sometimes, it is more expensive to hire a plumber than to hire an auditor.”


You can also contact our auditors for discussion and counselling in a wide range of situations. In fact, the success of your company will often depend on the competencies and experience of your auditor. You can rest assured that we have both..

  • Statutory audits of businesses and associations
  • Statutory audits of housing companies
  • Project audits Establishing a business
  • Changes in company form
  • Tax counselling
  • Business reorganisations
  • Comprehensive services related to taxation and corporate law